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Welcome to Peace Kids Pittsburgh!

 Teen and Tween Starting in November at Sterling Yoga!! Ages 3 to 5 and 5-7 starting in January 2020! Keep checking in!

Peace Kids Pittsburgh is a yoga and fitness studio catering exclusively to young people. We teach kids ages 2-19 about breath and body awareness, movement, mindfulness, and relaxation. While we are based in the South Hills where we teach a regular schedule of classes throughout the week, we are fully mobile and able to lead events and private parties all around Pittsburgh! 

Team Building

Partner poses and games encourage team building and community awareness.


Concentration and attention spans are improved through yoga poses and mind/body activities. 

 Mind/Body Connection

Yoga builds flexibility, strength and balance in both growing bodies and developing minds.

Find Peace 

Yoga and breath awareness calm the busy mind. They help us manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and give us tools to cope with stress and anxiety.